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Our mission is to add some joy to your workout wardrobe with our limited edition illustrated prints. We make high-quality activewear that keeps you cute and comfortable for pole dancing, aerial, and whatever type of movement you enjoy.

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Our customers have spoken. These are the tried and true pieces made for pole dancing, aerial, and skipping in the streets - all in one place.

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with our crops and tanks. Perfect for dancing in the studio and then heading out without having to change!

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get matchy matchy with your little one with our

selection of whimsical pole and aerial inspired designs


Original Illustrated Polewear

All of our designs feature 100% original artwork that you can't find anywhere else. We make our own prints and get custom created fabrics so that you can feel as special as our designs are! 

Pole Dancing & Pregnancy

Pole Dancing & Pregnancy

I was curious about other pole dancers out there who had gone through pregnancy or were also currently pregnant. What were their experiences like? How was it physically and mentally getting back to pole dancing after having a baby? I’m sure other future pole mamas out there would love to hear their stories so during the middle of my pregnancy I had the opportunity to interview some amazing pole and (soon-to-be-pole) mamas!
Creating Your Own Home Pole Space

Creating Your Own Home Pole Space

Oh 2020. What a year it has been. I will forever remember it as the year of the toilet paper famine and the year of home poling. Many of us... Read More
My Favorite Things to do When Uninspired

My Favorite Things to do When Uninspired

Pole dance is a difficult hobby to maintain. We won’t always be at the top of our game. We can’t always think of new ways to transition into familiar tricks. We don’t always feel strong or sexy or bendy. Sometimes we hit a wall. And when that happens, it’s frustrating. 

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