I began my pole journey back in 2013. I was anything but athletic, graceful or sexy. I was the girl who sniffed her armpits because there was something disgustingly intriguing about the scent and the one who was picked second to last for kickball in PE. I was also the 3 year old who quit ballet lessons because she “hated it” (every so often my heart twinges with regret thinking that if I had not made that impulsive decision I would be so much more flexible! Have much nicer pointed toes!...oh well). But a random pole class thanks to my friend’s sister’s friend (yup, that’s how it happened) led me to discover something that I never knew existed inside of me. I felt strong, accomplished, beautiful, and sexy. Okay all that self empowerment didn’t happen overnight, but I did get bit by the pole dance bug. It was so fun, so cool and I wanted to go back. One class a week led to every other day until I found myself participating in my first (amateur) pole competition. I realized that all I think was pole. Addiction? Maybe...

I love that there can be something for everyone whether you are artistic, athletic, sensual or anything in between or none of the above. I love that it’s a challenge. I love that it’s creative. I love that it’s “exercise”! I love that the community is inspiring, diverse, and supportive. And I love how it makes me feel.

I love it so much that I even decided to forgo the comforts (and $$$) of a corporate job to bring PUSH AND POLE to life. Combining my love for illustration, design and pole, I set out to create cute, sassy and lovely little pole clothing for all of us pole addicts. 





We are a Denver-based company that creates clothing, accessories and lifestyle products for the pole dancing and aerial community! All our products feature original illustrations by our #girlboss founder Tiffany. Sometimes she hand paints them in watercolor and other times she busts it out on the tablet with digital graphics. We custom make our activewear fabrics overseas and have a wonderful factory that helps bring our ideas to life! Our tops are printed here in Denver by local screen-printers. Our mission is to to be the polewear brand that brings a smile to your face. 

playful. whimsical. original.