Wow, I can’t believe 2016 is almost over! It’s been an amazing year full of challenges and adventures. This is the year where I can say that pole definitely changed my life. I definitely would not be writing this without a big, HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who has supported this business along the way. Just to be a little nostalgic and sappy here is my year in review:


Launching Push + Pole

The biggest change this year has been working a normal, comfortable, “corporate” job in the creative/fashion industry to becoming a full fledged entrepreneur. Running my own business has always been something I wanted to do ever since I was in high school and I was finally able to muster the courage to just do it. It’s been a crazy journey and I have yet figure all the kinks of running a business out, but I’m excited more than ever about what’s to come!



PSO’s Atlantic Pole Competition

It feels like forever ago, but competing again in Pole Sport Organization’s Atlantic Pole Championships back in April was definitely an experience and inspired my post about the stages of competition training. My second time competing was a much tougher experience and I would say I was not a pleasant person to be around a month leading up to it. My body and mind were totally broken and beaten up the whole time but I would have done it again in a heartbeat!



Accomplishing some POLE GOALS!

Can we talk about some triumphant pole milestones that happened this year?! The Eagle (with a spot of course), Janiero, and Deadlift I’m looking at you! Sometimes you don’t know how much your improving until something really big happens. Even if you’re just drilling your inverts, you’re still getting stronger and stronger for every new crazy move you do.



Attending Pole Expo

Participating in Pole Expo was a completely spontaneous decision and probably one of the best I’ve ever made for the business (and personally). I jumped on one of the last remaining vendor booths on whim and heading to Vegas with a few of my pole sisters. It was such an amazing experience to have a weekend of pole with people from all over the world who are equally obsessed with pole as I am.


Pole Sport Organization Atlantic Pole Championships 2016 Foxy Fitness Team


Finding my Pole Community

This year I was able to get even closer with my pole family back in New York. One of the amazing things about pole is the tight knit community that you find. Even when I was floating around with my class pass I kept bumping into familiar friendly faces. It’s so exciting when you find friends who can nerd out about pole as much as you do.



Trying New Things

Having a more flexible schedule this year has allowed me to try out new things outside of pole. Of course I’m still crazy about all things that involves climbing and making cool poses so naturally aerial silks, hoops, and rock climbing has stolen my heart. I hoping to incorporate more of these activities into my regular schedule.



Moving Somewhere New

Hello Denver! While I was super afraid of leaving the city I loved – I realize now that I can be happy anywhere I am and find the things that make me fulfilled in life. While it does mean finding a new pole family, I’m excited for the opportunities that await me here!


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