Hello 2017! You are finally here and now I have another year of resolutions to (try) to accomplish. I’ve listed out some of my goals for the year but really they can be any polers new years resolutions as well.



Getting My Squared Splits…

Ahhh being bendy – isn’t that a goal we all aspire to be?  While we aren’t all gifted with a contortionist’s body, we can improve our flexibility with practice and time put in – which for the most part I’ve been lazy about doing. I’m the type that finds it hard to practice things alone, I much prefer a class setting and someone (literally) pushing me. This year I want to take the time to work on my flexibility 2-3 times a week, that’s doable right? Even just 30 minutes a day will help. I’ve already bookmarked a bunch of blog posts and videos for stretching series. Not only do I want to work on my flexibility – I want to work on them correctly! For the longest time I thought I had my front splits (“I’m on the ground see!”) but I realize they weren’t squared at all. Now I’m starting from square (hehe pun intended) one. So my ultimate flexibility goal this year is just to get my squared splits – doable yeah? Other extra flexibility goals would are:

  • My middle splits! Weirdly, the middle splits comes much more naturally to me and I find it way more comfortable. I’m pretty close so let’s see if I can get that 180!
  • Being able to get into a needle scale position by myself.
  • Getting into a bridge pose from standing. I feel like I can do this but I’m always just so scared of falling on my head.



Pole Moves on my Dream List…

We all have those pole tricks/combos/poses that are on our dream list. I have quite a few of them but I know reality and that I might not be able to get all of them in a year. But here are mine that I feel so close to!

  • Phoenix! Oh a combination of all pole things I love – spins and strength moves
  • Deadlifting on my less dominant side – so close yet so far (aka I think I give up to easily)
  • Aerial deadlift on my dominant side
  • Trying that eagle again and maybe the cocoon? Definitely need spotting on this one.
  • My elbow ayesha to cup grip handspring pops



Time to Write Things Down…

I’ve never used a pole journal or notebook before and now I think it’s really time I make an effort to do so or at least try it out because I am horrible at remembering things I’ve learned. I would use my phone to record but I didn’t realize how little storage 16 GB actually is when I got my first iPhone.



The Perfect Invert and Leg Hang…

One of the unexpected pros of going to my new studio was the way they teach by levels. I was used to open level/one-on-one instruction back in New York and feared that this class structure would not be to my liking and that I would be learning things that would be “too easy”. I quickly learned though that even though I knew how to do more beginner moves I was in a no way a master at it and that there was ALWAYS something new to learn when it comes to the basics in pole. This year I want to improve on my basic pole moves – make it prettier, make it straighter, make it smoother. Even after three and a half years I still struggle with an inside leg hang sometimes!

  • Basic invert – still sometimes have a little microbend in my knees, and my right foot always finds itself in the flexed position for a few seconds.
  • Leg Hangs especially that darn inside leg hang and getting it really tight in there.
  • The Jamilla invert. I’ve learned this a few times but I just can’t get my body to understand how it works. It looks really ugly at the moment so this year I want to make it not look ugly.
  • Climbing with my left foot in front without getting a cramp.



Finding My Freestyle on the Floor…

Perhaps one of my biggest resolutions for the upcoming year is to get my freestyle on. Slowly I’ve been getting more and comfortable with just dancing and feeling the music. It’s so fun to just be spontaneous and move to the music, but I always get stuck and end up re-doing the same things over and over again. Pole combos I can try to remember but it’s really the floorwork that gets to me. I LOVE floorwork and how it looks but I just kinda suck at it. This new year I want to get all my basic floor moves down especially forward rolls and back rolls.



Being Comfortable Going In (& Out) of a Handstand By Myself

So my resolution is simply to be unafraid of going into a handstand without a wall and without a spot. I know I can do it, but it’s that fear of falling over, losing  control and then crashing on my head.


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