Poling ain’t cheap.

And I can’t blame the studios. Unlike other types of fitness, classes have to be small. Nope you can’t cram as many polers into a studio as you can with yoga. There’s the safety, the spotting and the actual number of poles. It just makes for a relatively more expensive activity to pursue and especially in larger cities.

Now doing this whole #girlboss thing which actually just means at the moment my expense > than my income I’ve cut down a lot. But the only thing I refuse to cut down on are my pole classes. You know the fashionistas who would rather spend money on designer duds than food, well that’s me – except for pole and I also still eat (a lot), so maybe that’s not me. Other things I can skimp on or resort to Do-It-Yourself like buying coffee, taking cabs and having nice nails. It may be a pain at times when I’m being financially frugal – but I forget all about that when I hit the pole.

I’ve seen single pole classes range from $20-$45! Definitely take advantage of intro offers and buying classes in bulk once you’ve found your pole home. Also, sometimes pole studios will have promos and when my bank account allows it I do a little stock pile of classes.

Do you guys have any other ways of budgeting for pole?!


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