We’re only two days away from competition! Are you prepped and ready? Here is a checklist of everything you need!

Performance Essentials:

  • Costume and props
  • Sewing Kit/Safety pins/Glue/ Double side tape – In case anything wonky happens with your costume, make sure you bring your kits just in case! You wouldn’t want any last minute rips or fallen rhinestones.
  • Appropriate undies – Think beige thongs! Okay, I hate wearing thongs but this may be one instance where I think it’s crucial. Pole shorts are pretty tight, you don’t want VPL showing up in your pictures. Also, beige/nude colors are always a safe bet – you never know how that light is gonna hit that pastel colored fabric.
  • Makeup and Hair – Bring it all! Hairbands, bobby pins and hairspray!
  • Grip Aid
  • Music & Headphones – You will want to get in the zone with your music. Also some competitions require you to bring a CD in case the digital file you sent doesn’t work.


  • Mani/Pedi – You don’t have to paint you’re nails (it may look nice though!) but at least make sure your cuticles are cut and clean. You wanna look good from head to toe!
  • Shaving/Wax – Both for looks and function.


  • Icepacks/Band-aids/Duct Tape
  • Foam rollers/yoga mats
  • Snacks! – Fruits, energy bars, nuts!


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