Introducing our new DIY SERIES for all you crafty polers and aerialists! I LOVE crafting and all things DIY so what better way to start making cool little projects for the pole and aerial community!

So I’m a little particular when it comes to decorating my personal (sacred) spaces. While building up my pole play room, one of the things I really wanted were some neon lights because for pole, mood is everything right?! My idea was to dim the lights and dance to have some quirky neon signs around me.

“Now where can I get a pole inspired neon sign?”


Umm…nowhere so I have to make it. I googled search “DIY neon sign” and lo and behold I found a rather easy tutorial to make one. So here is my version below!



Estimated Time: 1.5 hours

Estimated Cost: $25

Step 1: Take your sheets of paper and tape them together to make a long banner. Sketch out your phrase or word you want to turn into a neon sign! Remember that you are going to create this sign with one continuous wire so there can’t be any spaces or breaks (think cursive!) I did an “i <3 pole” and “beast mode” sign.



Step 2: Mold the wire to the letters of the sign. Note – the EL wire is going to be only so many feet long so you have to make sure your sign is not too big or else you will run out of the light. One way to measure your sign is to take a string and trace the phrase and then measure the string with a ruler. The wire molding was pretty tricky. I used a 16 gauge wire so it was still kinda tough to mold the words. Don’t worry  – it doesn’t have to be super perfect!





Step 3: Next, take out your EL lights and start hot gluing the it to the wire phrase. This part can get kinda messy but don’t worry you are almost there!







Step 4:  Attach the sign to the wall by using some clear pins! Because the sign won’t be laying flat you need to use a few pins to help keep it down and aligned to the wall.



Step 5: The EL lights has a battery pack at the end. Depending on where your sign is, you can place the pack on a piece of furniture nearby or use some handy dandy Velcro to attach the pack to the wall.



Step 6: Now enjoy your lights!



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