Some call it a type of exercise, others a sadistic form of expression. However, one thing is for sure, pole dancing is for everyone. 3 years into my pole journey and I think I have found my style, and by style I mean what makes me excited to pole. I have come up with 4 categories that at some point I have found myself experimenting in and now I can say I appreciate them all!





Hold on. Let’s not get confused here, pole dancing in general is athletic no matter what you’re doing, so when I say athletic, I mean ATHLETIC. This category belongs to the ex-gymnasts, or the girl in class you see flipping onto and off the pole instead of doing the initial routine. The people in this category take defying gravity to another level. These poler’s are usually equipped with God fearing abs and arms, a shirt that says “can you spot me?” and an insane collection of leggings (because poling can go down ANYWHERE)





This category is for the poler that loves to perform with a good storyline. Theatrical pole is one of the most creative categories because it forces the dancer to think outside of the box in order to produce a certain vision from start to finish. You can spot this poler drawing out story boards 9 months before a performance, being in character before, during and after training sessions and helping you get YOUR shit together in terms of costume and make up ideas.


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The sole purpose of this category is to feel and be inspired by the music to create shapes and/or attitude. The focus is less on doing the hardest tricks but rather perfecting lines in every modification of a move or expressing a current mood through dance. You will have to look down to find this poler because she is probably sliding on the floor figuring out floor work, telling you about a new song she found and free styling to EVERYTHING.





This category is for the poler who is more in tuned with their body and the way it moves in an isolated and controlled manner. Because she is strong, every move seems to melt into another, complimented by body waves, leg swivels and hair choreo. This poler is empowered by the way she moves and can be seen sporting pleasers with no hair tie in sight and dancing her heart out to Phil Collins “In The Air Tonight”.

My style is more Modern / Contemporary but I find myself taking a little from each area so I would say my ratio is 15/25/45/15. What’s your style?


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