If you’ve been in the pole community for a while, then you might have run across a plethora of butt pics on a lovely Sunday thanks to the popular #sundaybumday. In the era of Kim Kardashians, it’s no wonder that butt pics are all the rage! There’s even a term for the butt selfie – the belfie! And let’s admit it, they’re pretty great. They’re round, cute, and full of badass muscles. Our itsy bitsy booty shorts and strong gluteal muscles make the perfect Sunday social media post.

Need some inspiration for your next (or first) #sundaybumday post? Take a look at our list below:



Work the pole with moves that spotlight the bum

Pick out some pole poses that features your butt! Don’t worry, there are many out there so you can make it as basic or advanced as you want! Just tweaking the angle can make a simple pole climb #sundaybumday worthy. Or do a pose that’s all about that ass like the titanic (still a #workinprogress).




Make some handstand-y shapes

Want to do something cool for #sundaybumday but don’t have a pole around or don’t want to get on that pole? Do some handstandy-inversiony shapes! Make sure the picture is taken from the back so that bum gets the attention. To make an even bigger statement, try arching your back to make a more exaggerated curve with your body. It works your back flexibility while making for a great #sundaybumday pic, hit two birds with one stone as they say!



Stretch it out

For something a little more mild, stretches are another great way to capture the beauty of your butt. Leg type stretches will highlight your glutes. Take a picture of your lunge from the side or your straddle/pancakes from a bird’s eye view.




Just stand by the pole

Sometimes simple is all you need for the perfect #sundaybumday picture like standing by the pole. It’s all about the positioning of your body – push your hips back and arch your spine; imagine having your shoulder blades touch. Ask the photographer (a.k.a the friend that has been forced to take this #sundaybumday pic for you) to shoot from a lower angle for a more dramatic picture of your butt.



Gather your #polesquad

What’s more wonderful than one butt? MULTIPLE BUTTS!  It’s also super easy to do! Just stand in a line, give the camera your best butt shot and ta-da! This is a favorite among pole friends that celebrates the diversity of butts out there.

Whether you got a muscular butt, a tiny butt, a juicy butt, a flat butt, a bubbly butt – you’ve worked hard for your butt so go ahead and celebrate it!


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