The holidays are approaching soon and whether you are celebrating Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or something else it’s the gift giving season.

If you’re in a pickle about what give that pole dancer in your life, never fear, we’ve created this handy dandy gift guide (by scouring the interwebs) to make gift shopping for the pole dancer in your life as easy as 1-2-3.

For the Stocking Stuffer or Secret Santa Gift exchange …

Dry Hands ~ $10 Okay, so I swear by Dry Hands – it’s the only form of grip I use (and also have tried). There are numerous other brands out there like Tite Grip, Dew Point, & iTac..etc. They are small bottles like hotel sized lotion that makes it perfect for a little stocking stuffer. It’s small size is not to be undermined by it’s extremely usefulness – it helps us stick on the pole!

Pole Dance Journal ~ $15 Pole Dancing Adventures makes these cute notebooks for the pole dancer who loves to write down everything they learn.

Legwarmers ~ $10 I never quite understood the purpose of legwarmers until I started pole. These “not quite socks” are the perfect pole dance accessory for floorwork and warmups! Pull them over your toes to help you slide around without banging your toes against the floor. You can find cute legwarmers at most clothing stores.

For the Fashionista…

Off Duty Poler Leggings ~ $60 If athleisure is their style, these pole dance leggings will be the perfect addition to their wardrobe!! Haven’t you heard? Poles are the new stripes!

Stylish Knee Pads ~ $25 For those floor work mavens, knee pads are a must to protect your knees from the hard wood floors. All the knee pads I’ve seen have always been black that’s why I was super obsessed with these cute printed knee pads from Pole Candy when I attended Pole Expo earlier this year!

I’d Rather Be Poling Beanie ~ $28 A sassy beanie that says it all! This accessory will keep their heads warm and cozy while they head to the studio during the colder months.

For the Men who Pole…

Pole Shorts ~  $32 For that special man in your life who poles, gift them with some pole shorts made just for dudes! It’s hard to find much mens polewear out there as it’s still a very small (but growing) segment, but Wink Designs have these shorts that have the perfect amount of coverage and little colorblock hip band for some style!

For the Practical…

Resistance Bands ~ $28 Resistance bands are a great way to help strength train! I’ve been seeing them around Instagram lately helping polers with their deadlifts, Iron-X’s, and other amazing strength based moves. 

Class Membership/Package Aside from all the fancy clothing and extras, every pole dancer (unless your self taught, go you!) needs classes! Check out studios in your area for Black Friday deals or hit Groupon (or one of those sites) for special deals! If there are no pole dancing studios in your area there are some great online classes as well!

Waterbottle ~ $20  A waterbottle sounds kinda bland, but boy is it useful when we start sweating and getting thirsty. Gift your poler with an infuser waterbottle so they can make fancy water with fruits! I haven’t personally tried these myself, but whenever I try water with cucumbers and oranges at a hotel it always tastes sooo good. You can find a plethora of brands on

For the Cute yet Beastly…

Beast Mode Crop Top ~  $32 Our best selling design, the BEAST MODE crop top says it all. Featuring little original illustrations of cute beasts doing crazy pole moves! Printed on a flattering halter style crop top, this piece will be perfect for days on and off the pole!

My Little Pony Heels ~ $150 Okay these aren’t that cheap and would probably also fall under the “Big Ticket Item” category below, but aren’t these custom painted My Little Pony Heels SO FREAKIN cute?! Don’t be fooled by the sweetness of these candy colored heels – polers know that heels add extra weight making those inverts that much more harder (and beastly). You can find these on Erotomania’s Etsy store along with other cute painted shoes.

For the Big Ticket Items…

Aura Heels ~ $180+ These are the holy grail of awesome heels – LED light heels!! I played around with a pair thanks to my pole sister and OMG I was obsessed. They are custom made and come in a variety of different light color modes!

Pole Expo Tickets ~ $189 Pole Expo is THE biggest pole event of the year. Held every September in Las Vegas, this is truly a polers paradise filled with workshops taught by all the pole stars, shopping of ALL the pole brands out there, shows, free seminars and just meeting all the other pole dancing addicts from around the world. If your pole Surprise your pole dancing loved one with these tickets

Massage/Spa Package ~ $100 If you’re pretty close with your pole dancer than you will know that we get sore very very often and all we crave after days of intense dancing and training is a massage! Treat them to a nice massage/spa package and they will seriously love you forever.


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