There will come a point in your pole dance journey where the amount of time spent on that pole will be reflected in your increasing upper body mass. For those who say pole isn’t exercise, I dare you to look at our poler shoulders! In the last three years I’ve been called swole and brolic (both of which I had to Urban Dictionary) and someone suggested I be She Hulk for Halloween.

Yup, pole has made me buff. Which, I don’t mind at all…except when it comes to my wardrobe, because now many things don’t fit like they used to. Sleeves are kinda tight now and buttons don’t really button up (or they get that awful gap which eventually snaps open and there you are walking down 7th Ave bra exposed to the world and you didn’t even know).

But I guess that is a trade off for having a body that can do awesomely poler things, which yanno I’m totally fine with.

Pole Dance Problems (PDP) is an comedic illustration series for pole dancers who face a unique set of problems both on the pole and off. They are often painful, embarrassing but more than not they make us happy and proud to be a pole dancer.


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