When it comes to pole, the grass is definitely not greener on the other side.

Unless you’re a magical ambidextrous pole unicorn with equal strength on both sides of your body, chances are you dread hearing the words, “Okay, now other side.” A beautiful invert straddle on my right side turns into a clunky struggle on my left side. The same thing applies with flexibility moves. Right leg forward split no problem. Switch it around? Can I say ouch?

It’s amazing (and annoying) how imbalanced the body can be. So even though we may hate to work on our weaker side it’s something us pole dancers must do. I don’t think any of us want to become a lop-sided hulk. Balancing the sides helps to prevent injuries and you never know when you need to use your weaker side in a combo or transition.

Some things I do to help me actually practice what I preach (although I need to be better about it):

  • Do moves on your weaker side first – I’m the type of person that likes to save the best for last, so if I do my worse-er side first and get it over with then I can go on to my better side. I like to end on a good note. I feel less defeated that way. Plus, I have more energy when working on my weaker side.
  • Build a combo where you have to use your weaker side –  Generally combos will involve your weak side. It’s hard to always stay on one side!
  • Go back to basics (and maybe add some ankle weights) – It’s okay if your weaker side just takes a little longer to build strength or flexibility. Keep working on the basics to build a solid foundation and proper technique to move onto bigger, badder things. For strength building drills – throw on something ankle weights! That invert straddle will be a piece of cake!

Pole Dance Problems (PDP) is an comedic illustration series for pole dancers who face a unique set of problems both on the pole and off. They are often painful, embarrassing but more than not they make us happy and proud to be a pole dancer.


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