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Pole Dance Problems: Underwear vs. Pole Shorts

Pole Dance Problems: Underwear vs. Pole Shorts

Pole Dance Problems (PDP) is an comedic illustration series for pole dancers who face a unique set of problems both on the pole and off. They are often painful, embarrassing but more than not they make us happy and proud to be a pole dancer.

I’ve begun to notice the inverse relationship between how long I’ve been poling and how short my shorts are. Now when I try on yoga hot pants I can’t but think that they are too long. I need my gluteal fold showing goddammit! And I’ve also noticed that my underwear can no longer keep up.

Now, I realize there are only three solutions to this problem:

1. Get smaller underwear.

While I do love myself some short shorts, I am not that keen on itty bitty undies. Something about me and wedgies is an issue. Wedgie in the front, wedgie in the back – fabric is going to places where only special people go and cutting off airflow to my privates.


2. Get bigger shorts.

Sure I could just get larger shorts that cover more, but why would I want to? Pole dance has allowed myself to grow more confident in my own body since we are basically almost naked in front of each other all the time. If I find something cute but happens to be super short, I think yes this will definitely show off my muscular booty! Not that people are really watching me, more that I like watch myself in the mirror. Narcassistic? Maybe a little….

3. Go commando.


I re-wear my pole shorts for days at a time. As we get into beast mode on the pole, we also produce beast sweat and anyone who has ever smelled crotch sweat knows that stuff is stinky.


4. Just don’t care.

So we come to solution 4. Just keep doing what you’re doing! Hell, I’ve seen boobies pop out of bras, so what’s a little underwear show?

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