Happy birthday to us! One year ago today I launched Push + Pole, a scary yet exciting dive into the world of entrepreneurship, and we’re still alive and (slowly) thriving!

Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s to come this year!


More Pole Events

Last year we were able to make it to the mecca of pole dance events, Pole Expo, and PSO’s Northeast pole championship. This year we’re going to hit Pole Expo again and head to ATL for Pole Con! We’ll also be attending more regional pole competitions. A plus about moving to the middle of the US, is that it’s pretty convenient to travel domestically!

Getting our stuff into Studios

We want to reach as many pole dancing addicts and aerial enthusiasts as possible! While being online is a great platform to get our brand out there we’d like to eventually wholesale our goodies into pole studios and reach a bigger audience. Please pass our brand along if you think your studio may be interested in carrying Push + Pole!

Finding Brand Ambassadors

Another goal this year is to find some awesome pole dancers or aerial artists to represent our brand! We’re always on the lookout for fresh and unique artists & athletes to match our whimsical and fun brand.

Expanding our Product Line

Bras and shorts are almost here!! We are still in the back and forth design phase with our factory and will hopefully have our stuff ready by this fall! Super excited about it as this has been our top design goal for the brand.

If you haven’t checked it out yet, we’re having our One Year Birthday Bash Event where we are having 20% off our original launching designs!


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