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You Think You Can Out Eat Me?

You Think You Can Out Eat Me?

Dating Adventures of a Pole Dancer is our version of Carrie Bradshaw’s Relationship/Sex column except yanno she’s a pole dancer. Push+Pole Blog guest writer, Summer, chronicles her dating adventures as a poler in the concrete jungle.

“So, do you think you can out eat me?” most guys ask.

“Oh, well I don’t know how much you eat so I don’t want to assume anything…”

When guys ask me out on a date (and knowing that I do pole fitness), I tell them that I can eat A LOT. I guess for my size (5’1 and under 110lbs), no one expects me to just keep eating and eating! On a first date with one guy, we ordered just a “good amount of food” that I thought it would be okay for me to split 50/50 with the guy. After half an hour, I just kept eating and my date was already full.

He stared at me and said, “Are you full?”

I just started laughing and said,  “I am sorry. I just finished training – just don’t judge me…” and I continued eating.

“Oh my god, you really do eat a lot!!”

Sorry, but not sorry. I think I enjoying boasting about how much I love pole and how much I can eat! In my mind, I thinking, my pole sisters would have downed everything and we probably would have will ordered more.

I remember when I met my ex boyfriend’s parents, they gave me the amount of food that “most girls” would eat and said feel free to take more. I went back to the kitchen probably 5 times and his mom said, “OH MY GOD, YOU EAT LIKE MY SON”!

Most guys tell me, “I like girls that can eat!” I’m not trying to impress any of my dates by eating a lot, I’m just being myself because I NEED TO EAT. I guess nowadays, most girls are worried about putting on weight and counting calories. This is why I love eating with my pole sisters! During training, all we talk about is “What’s for dinner?”

I am not surprised that we eat a lot, since pole dancers burn tons of calories on the pole and you need to refuel so you can have all the energy to pole more in the future! So I guess if you want to date someone who pole, just please let them EAT and just don’t be shock that she can out eat you.

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