Basic High Waisted Shorts

Adria is wearing a size XL in the shorts .

Height 5'4", Waist 38", Hips 40".

Normally wears XL in other brands and size 12 in pants

IG @poleandprs

Makenzie is wearing a size M in the shorts.

Height 5'7", Bust 40", Bra size 32L, Waist 31", Hips 39".

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Zandra is wearing a size XXL in the shorts.

Height 5'8", Bust 42", Waist 40", Hips 46.5".

Normally wears a size L/XL in sports bras and XL in most leggings/regular clothes. Around a size 12/14 in tops and bottoms depending on brand.

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Danielle is wearing a size S in the shorts.

Height 5'5", Bra Size 34C, Waist 27", Hips 35"

Typically wears S in tops (M in sports bras) and bottoms in both pole clothes and street wear. 

IG @danigonsman

Ling is wearing a size M in the shorts.

Height 5'5", bust 32D, waist 28", hips 35" 

Generally wears a S or M depending on pole brand.

Wears a 27/28 in jeans and 4/6 for everything else

IG @lingguistics

Tiffany is wearing a size M in the shorts (left picture is taken 36 weeks pregnant).

Height 5'4", Bra Size 34B, Waist 29", Hips 39" (pre-pregnancy).

Normally wears a M or L in polewear and around a size M/8 in regular clothes (pre-pregnancy).

IG @lalaliuliu

Lauren is wearing a size L in the shorts.

Height 5'4", bra size 34D, waist 28", hips 40"

Normally wears a M/L and size 4 jeans.